Benefits of Paperless Quickbooks

Here are the areas where Quickbooks online is better than Desktop (without any assistance from apps) and how we can help you:

Data Entry/Automation

  • Automatically schedule and send transactions
  • Delayed Charges–non-posting transactions that you can bill for or apply later
  • Journal Entries can have multiple AR/AP lines
  • Invoices tab—Better payment to invoice and deposited vs. un-deposited visibility
  • Attach documents, images, signatures & more using mobile device
  • Price Rules support date range
  • Re-label your customers if you call them something else


  • Bank Transactions download automatically each night. Flexibility to “Undo” in Banking Tool
  • Custom Banking Rules can be split by $ or % and you can assign class/ location
  • Rules can be auto-added to register

Job Tracking

  • Project Center
  • Never need to worry about “No Item” Issue on job-related reports
  • Multiple budgets per fiscal year
  • Unlimited time tracking and reports only users, also in Essentials
  • 1099 Contractor self-setup


  • Audit Log to review all actions on account and track changes over time
  • Track by Location in addition to Class and choose from multiple location labels
  • Management Reports–presentation ready package of reports from cover page to end-notes
  • Set up multiple budgets per fiscal year


  • First in First Out valuation method

Access and Productivity

  • Multiple Users can work in same account at same time
  • No file transfer or versioning
  • Mobile App with expanded functionality to work on the go
  • No Server, Backup, or Hosting Services required
  • Compatible across multiple platforms and devices
  • Access account from anywhere w/ internet connection

QuickBooks Online Accountant

  • Single client list to access all of your clients’ books
  • Toggle between clients w/ a single click
  • Work—manage all firm projects and deadlines
  • Team and client collaboration
  • PTO integration
  • Free ProAdvisor Program, Free payroll in Your Books file