CFO for Small Businesses

Do you struggle with cash flow?

What KPI’s should your business focus on?

Is your budget updated with real-time analysis?

Let Insogna CPA help your business grow to the next level. Our CFO-level services help business owners manage finances – bringing our corporate expertise to your growing small business

1. Small Business Cost Savings

With an average CFO salary costing over $300,000, according to, paying for full-time CFO is just not something most small businesses can afford. Insogna CPA’s CFO-level services help provide affordable expertise. This adds up to significant savings without a sacrifice in the quality of work regarding your company’s financials.

2. Independent Advisor

Being a small business owner is tough sometimes and having an experienced business consultant is helpful to bounce ideas off of, or just get an outside perspective about issues or concerns. When you need that higher-level expertise for analyzing data, helping improve margins, or just general help on growing a small business. Insogna CPA’s expertise can provide the advice you are looking for.

3. Systems Integrations

You may have noticed we’re excited about technology and efficiency throughout our website here. We love finding the best solutions to help make your business create cost-savings, time-savings and overall operational efficiency. We’re not claiming to have all the answers to every technology, but we certainly want to be here in an advisory capacity to help implement and integrate systems that will help take your business to the next level.

4. Monthly Financial Analysis

If you’re not getting monthly or quarterly financial analysis, analyzing metrics and trends in your numbers to help meet your financial goals, then you’ve never worked with Insogna CPA before. We have always offered this service to all of our bookkeeping clients, because without having an expert interpret your financial data with you on a regular basis – you’re just running your business blindly.

5. Taxes, Tax Planning, Retirement

Most small business owners ask for help in the spring each year when they go to a tax professional, who then say you should have done a bunch of stuff differently last year. Well…here at Insogna CPA, we believe in looking forward – making these decisions throughout the current year so by 12/31 you’re not struggling to contribute to tax saving vehicles at the last minute. Why not enjoy your New Year’s Eve and have this advice on a regular basis.