Jim Albrecht
Jim Albrecht

Chief Financial Officer and Educator

Notable Achievements

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Consulting Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer
  • Faculty Member -The McCombs School of Business
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Controller/Financial Analyst
  • Various


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
I have been Chief Financial Officer of two public companies (one on the NYSE and the other on NASDAQ) and in financial leadership positions at six companies.
About Jim Albrecht

I offer the benefit of my experience to lead your team to higher levels of financial performance. I can do so as a full-time member of your executive team, as an advisor who builds and educates a highly functional finance group that I eventually leave to operate on its own, or as a business and financial expert sitting on your corporate or advisory board.

I practice a philosophy of High Performance Finance that demands insightful creativity to drive an ongoing flow of information needed to plan, predict, measure and achieve enterprise success. I take finance and accounting groups to the next level to make them a proactive contributor to enterprise value.

If you are seeking equity or debt funding, I translate business missions and strategies into capital requirements and lead the resulting equity or debt raise from private or public sources. I apply my experience as CFO of two public companies to create an investor relations program that promotes an open line of communication with new and existing stakeholders.

I embed a culture of daily, continuous assessment of every facet of finance and accounting activities to maximize the use of resources, mitigate virtuous waste, and achieve High Performance Finance with existing personnel and systems. I combine High Performance Finance and efficiency and productivity engineering to create performance measurement systems that paint a picture of the operating effectiveness of an organization. While these systems can report the past, their real power lies in an ability to present a window to the future.

I apply an entrepreneurial spirit of creativity focused on understanding the business case driving finance and accounting considerations where everything is an opportunity and "no" is the answer of last resort.

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