Careers - No Time Clock Here. We don’t care!

Since our start in 2011, we have always believed in a flexible work environment by managing time that allows for freedom from a typical 8 a.m – 5 p.m. expectation and more about trusting work is completed on-time, deadlines are met, and clients are highly satisfied.

That’s it.

If those three are being done, then whatever amount of time that takes is what we manage expectations with. From time-to-time, you need to run an errand, pickup your kid from school, make a doctor’s appointment…great.

We trust you’ll make up the time in the morning or evening to exceed expectations. We do expect availability with CST working hours to facilitate team communications.

We’ve been tech-savvy since 2011.

Prior to the pandemic, we already had flex schedules working from home because our tech-stack has always allowed us to open our laptop and work as if we were in the office.

When the pandemic came along, nothing changed for us. Everyone just went home and continued exceeding client expectations. In fact, we still grew double-digits in the pandemic because our technologies support job performance from anywhere.

Now we’re beyond hiring in the Austin-area and since 2020 looking for the best, high-performing talent in the USA to join our growing team.

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Start your career with us!

  • A strong career culture starts with work ethic: Our high-performing team members only naturally want to work with other high-performing people. And naturally, Insogna CPA wants people that are a great fit with our existing team members.
  • How our career culture is at Insogna CPA: We continue working on our culture so everyone feels a part of what we continue evolving to build here, and keep the friendly team atmosphere where everyone is happy to help others learn and grow.
  • A strong culture shows we care: We never want to lose a high-performing team member. No one does. And we love that our existing team members help other team members whenever needed. Everyone here is working toward the same goal – helping business owners grow and build wealth. We do that by using our professional expertise and growing individually by continually learning new things together. Having one person with all the knowledge never realizes into a productive environment…sharing really is caring.
  • A strong culture means: Well, a strong culture just makes people happier. We work hard to create a culture of collaboration, purpose, and work-life balance. We do this every day, so our work environment is better than before. If you’re happy enjoying what you do each day, that resonates with happier clients, which resonates into more business for the firm, which creates more opportunities to grow professionally.
  • How we’re different – positive clients only: We only work with clients we want to work with. We will happily disengage clients whenever needed if they are affecting our team culture. Why? Because life is too short when work is surrounded with negativity. To maintain our strong, positive culture, we are willing to sacrifice revenue so that our professional expertise is only working with valued clients who care about us helping them. Have you worked somewhere that allows you to fire clients? That is how we are different. Positivity breeds more positive interactions and makes everyone involved happier to work with one-another.

You immediately get direct involvement with fellow team members to learn our processes, how we do things differently here to serve our valued clients better and – most importantly – begin communicating with clients you are assigned too. Everyone here has direct interaction with our valued clients. There is no top-down approach here like most firms do. We find this old-school approach inefficient.

We are not your traditional CPA firm with top-down management. Sure, people have roles and at some point someone has to be the final decision makers. However, we firmly believe in a culture of developing leaders internally who want to continually learn and develop their expertise. We want to share what YOU think the solution is. That’s how we collaborate and grow together. And that’s how we end up providing the best-of-the-best ideas and solutions to our clients.

When it comes to leadership, identifying rising leaders in our firm and supporting their development has been advantageous for our firm and for our clients. “Understanding that being a leader in your role is a critical part of your success here,” commented Abbie (Tax Manager), “will also help contribute to your continued growth and exposure knowing how to best serve our valued client’s growing expertise needs.”

First – no bookkeeping. That is done by our accounting team. Next – let’s be real. The IRS tax deadline just naturally requires more hours per week. Now with that said, our firm does not require 40-hour weeks all year long like most firms do to justify ‘you’re working’. After being in business for 10+ years we know that over the course of a full calendar year a tax team member’s time averages out to 2,080 hours. So yes, between mid-February thru April 15th and mid-August thru Oct 15th our tax team naturally works more hours. That’s what it takes to love taxes so much. And when it’s not busy, sometimes team members put less time, take vacation, or get caught up on personal to-do’s. We don’t care. Let us repeat – We do not care. If your completing work on-time, meeting deadlines, and clients are highly satisfied – this is what being a high-performing tax team member looks like here. 

We are transparent. We care. We recognize wins.

It’s important for our CEO, Chase Insogna, CPA, to be as transparent as possible about the state of the firm.

“Since we started in 2011, we continue to grow double-digits annually,” he says. “That only happens with a happy team who are friendly, collaborative, and eager to help everyone succeed and learn.”

Chase continues, “Celebrating means acknowledging big and small wins that contribute to our overall success. That is why for our recent ‘big win’, celebrating our 10-year firm anniversary, we took our entire team and their significant others to New Orleans to celebrate for several days of fun. Stopping work and recognizing a win, especially one as big achieving 10 years of double-digit growth, lets team members know that we care and value their contributions here.”

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Year-over-year we have won awards from organizations like Inc. Magazine, Expertise, and HubDoc.

We are Firm of the Future.

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