Dave Ramsey RamseyTrusted ELP Tax Pro

Insogna CPA, based in Austin TX, is proud to be a Dave Ramsey RamseyTrusted ELP Tax Pro

The Dave Ramsey Tax ELP Team helps you find local experts you can trust. For instance, as a RamseyTrusted pro, Insogna CPA was originally vetted, interviewed and selected to help Dave Ramsey ELP fans with their taxes and maximize their refund.

We are extremely proud to be serving Dave Ramsey Tax ELP fans since 2011!

In this paragraph, we describe how a Ramsey Trusted ELP Tax Pro is held to a higher standard of customer service than other Austin TX firms. Specifically, these four pillars comprise the rigorous criteria for becoming Ramsey Trusted pro that include:

  • Firstly, having the heart of a teacher;
  • Second, valuing service over selling;
  • Thirdly, getting stellar reviews from other ELP fans;
  • Moreover, working alongside you on your tax services journey.

You can trust Insogna CPA, a licensed certified public accountant, to always be available to help you with your Austin tax services, be easy to talk to, and provide you with professional, ethical and industry expertise to create an experience that every Dave ELP is known for.

Are you on Dave's Step #1?

As anyone who has dug themselves into a debt hole and then got themselves out knows, that the hardest part is the beginning. It looks like you’re making very little progress, but with every dollar you pay off, your interest expense decreases and you can pay off more the next payment, which reduces interest expense even more allowing an even larger payment next month.

Is A Tax ELP Worth It?

You better believe it! Our tax ELP advisors do the tax preparation heavy-lifting to help minimizing your taxes as much as legally possible and give you the best possible tax refund. For instance, nine out of 10 people prefer an ELP over software!

Higher refund

Higher Refunds

Using a CPA firm tax advisor can help you receive an average of $791 more back from the IRS*

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faster filing

Faster Filing

Take an average of two hours filing taxes using an ELP Tax Pro versus 13 hours to self-file. **

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peace of mind

Peace of Mind

As your Ramsey Trusted ELP Tax Pro we have your back. For instance, if you ever receive a federal or state tax notice, we automatically provide Audit Protection Services with your 1040 tax filing.

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*Source: Survey of 2,000 Facebook users. Tax software performance varies by individual tax returns.
**Source: IRS.gov (Estimated average time burden for all taxpayers filing a 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ is 13 hours.)

The RamseyTrusted Difference

The Ramsey Trusted tax services program is the only one in the industry built on trust. Above all, each Ramsey Trusted Pro undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet Dave's standards for excellent service. Dave Ramsey fans report a satisfaction rating is 2.3x times higher when using an Ramsey Trusted pro versus an average tax pro.

From Dave Ramsey on what he requires from us:

Trustworthy Advice

“You can trust our tax advisors strategy to give you the same advice you’d hear from Dave so you can make smart decisions with your money.”

Proven Competency

“We only recommend licensed CPAs and EAs who have spent their careers helping people like you get their taxes done right. Seven out of 10 people got money back using a Ramsey Trusted pro.”

Rock-Solid Dependability

“Our Ramsey Trusted pros are available year-round to answer your questions and always take time to explain your taxes in terms you understand.”


If you are a Dave Ramsey follower, or simply a fan, Contact us today to get started.