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Insogna CPA managed Client Revenues totaling $161,659,576 in 2020.

Chase Insogna

"Our philosophy with our clients has always been to have an annual retirement contribution strategy, and let their businesses' value be a ‘bonus’ when sold in the future. This way, over the course of many years, the business owner has accumulated a large savings balance and growing recurring dividends so the business owner can retire when they want - not based on when the business can be sold and the value they hope to get for their years of hard work."

- Chase Insogna, Insogna CPA CEO

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Insogna CPA has done our Amazon Business taxes for the last two years. They are the best accounting team that we have worked with to date and we plan to be long term clients. Excellent staff who truly care about satisfaction and dilligence. Great for All Amazon Sellers.

-Nick Ehle


“Outstanding service, knowledge and support.”

“Outstanding service, knowledge and support.  I would highly recommend this firm to anyone for personal or business tax or financial assistance.  A big differentiated benefit they offer over others is they run everything digitally, so there are no more physical papers to deal with – yeah!!  Great job Insogna – hope I get more opportunities to work with you and recommend others do also.”

-Jerome H.

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