Film & Movie

Understanding the film industry and the nuances associated with it are imperative when choosing the right film accountant and CPA to manage the accounting process. In order to navigate these obstacles, we provide the film industry targeted supervisory accounting, film entity income tax and financial expertise – to help make your project a financial success.

We know the production pressures and timelines that are required to get films past the production stage and onto the screen.

Insogna CPA PC practices in the areas of:

  • Film Budgeting (creating real numbers)
  • Paperless Accounting (with 24/7 access)
  • Supervisory Accounting (managing on-site)
  • Pre/Production/Post – We’re here for your entire project to keep consistency
  • Income Tax Consulting for filmmakers and investors
  • Film income tax preparation; K-1 distribution
  • One point of contact for financial-related matters
  • Film specific revenue recognition, capitalization, amortization, manufacturing, and advertising related issues
  • Texas Film Incentive Consulting

Film Producers…Need accounting, production accounting, production payroll, incentive package and/or taxes? We can help! View some of our film-related profiles on these websites for additional information:

We our proud to partner with Film Consultants Inc. who offer a dedicated site to help make sure from the beginning everything is done to make your next film project a success so your investors make money. Streamlining your process of accounting, legal, and financing is an important step when setting up your project. So shoot us an email or we can set up an online video conference to talk with you about your next film or video production. Learn more about Film Consultants Inc HERE.

Whether exclusively or you just need help with a few services, Film Consultants Inc will work with you to make sure the business-side of your film is done correctly from beginning to end.

Here are some of our current credits:

FCI can consult in other film related areas such as:
  • Writing – get help polishing your script from award winning screenwriters
  • Auditions/Casting – connect with local, out of state, or Los Angeles based Casting Directors
  • Producing – Producer consulting from various Producers with years of experience and various knowledge in the film industry
  • Distribution Consulting – Get consulting with our Distribution and Sales Agent contacts

Film Business Services

  • Film Budgeting and consulting
  • Film Finance Consulting
  • Film Entity Bookkeeping
  • Onsite or remote Production Payroll
  • Film Entity Accounting
  • Business Bank Account Set-Up/Managing
  • Film Entity Set-Up
  • Investor Relations
  • Manage Investor Documentation/Deposits
  • Production Insurance Consulting
  • Film Rebate Tax Filing, Expense Managing, and Submission
  • Private Placement Memorandum Investor Packaging
  • Entity Operating Agreement Creation/Review
  • Production Managing/Consulting
  • Entertainment Attorney Services
  • Distributor Packaging Consulting
  • Contract Formation & Negotiation
  • Copyright / Trademark / Licensing
  • “Paperless” Document Filing
  • Agent and Named Talent Negotiations