Payroll isn’t the reason you got into business, so don’t let payroll be the reason you go out of business.

The #1 IRS issue with small businesses…
Not filing payroll taxes
Don’t let that be you and your business

Outsource your payroll and avoid the headaches of worrying whether your taxes are filed and paid on-time. Let our payroll specialists help manage your payroll with our secure, online platform – allowing you admin access, and your employees online access, 24/7/365.

Mobile Payroll Apps

Free Mobile Payroll apps are available for both Android™ and Apple® mobile devices. Once you’ve downloaded an app, it’s easy—just enter earnings, deductions, hours worked, and benefits such as vacation, sick, and personal time.

Accounting Integration

Save time and reduce errors with Accounting Integration. With just a few clicks we can import your payroll into QuickBooks Online without having to charge more for data entry.

SureAdvisor Federal & State Labor Law Compliance

Keep up with government regulations the easy way with SureAdvisor®. You can download HR compliance posters, how-to guides and more absolutely FREE.

Our payroll service is simple, automated and responsive.

  • Run payroll from anywhere, anytime using your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • All federal and state payroll taxes are filed and paid automatically—guaranteed.
  • U.S.-based customer service, available via phone, chat and email.

8 Reasons why other small businesses chose Insogna CPA for their payroll:

  • 1. Costs are up to 50% less than others…and a lot more user friendly!
  • 2. You can submit payroll from anywhere – even your smartphone.
  • 3. Additional small business services are available.
  • 4. Our service offers an easy 3-step process.
  • 5. We offer free online payroll access for employees and employers.
  • 6. Our payroll process is secure.
  • 7. We can run payroll for all 50 states and local taxes.
  • 8. We offer direct deposit AND the ability to self-print checks.

Meet Bob

Payroll can be a headache

—— but it doesn’t have to be.

Learn how outsourcing your payroll is an instant pain reliever as we introduce you to Bob’s story below, whose payroll went from Headache to Hassle-Free with our easy online alternative.

The do-it-myself mistake

Bob, a numbers guy with 3 employees decided to handle payroll himself. Busy building his business he often relied on a couple of his employees to help with payroll. But every pay period different problems cropped up. Precious hours were wasted each week on calculations, mistakes and recalculations. Then Bob found the solution!

Bob says outsourcing to us is EASY

  • Payroll done in less than 2 minutes!
  • No more IRS fears — Let us handle it!
  • Experts handle tax research —Guaranteed accuracy!
  • Direct deposit or print checks in house!