Payroll for Small Businesses

Leave the maze of confusing spreadsheets behind.

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Payroll should solve problems. Not create them.

The #1 issue the IRS takes with small businesses is not filing payroll taxes. A business owner is personally liable for remitting its employees payroll taxes, or potentially face penalties and (in some cases) jail time.

Payroll compliance is why we have partnered with the best to offer our clients a seamless, all-in-one platform that makes payroll management easy for you and your team.

Make payroll onboarding a breeze.

Send professional offer letters, sign and store new hire paperwork and let new employees manage their own Gusto accounts. It’s one simple platform for every onboarding task.

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Calculate payroll taxes in a couple clicks.

Gusto makes payroll management easy. Sync time tracking, new hires, benefits plans and more automatically. And have all payroll taxes automatically filed for your business.

No-brainer benefit plans.

Get help finding a benefits plan that fits your business and budget. Already offer benefits? Gusto can administer your existing or new plan so your benefits are all auto-deducted from each payroll.

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Grow, automate and save.

Gusto helps companies scale by offering comprehensive payroll automation. High-growth customers report savings of up to 60% on manual processes by switching to Gusto. How would you use those savings?

The Most Common Complaints About Small Business Payroll

A full-service payroll system takes the hassle out of managing payroll. And with comprehensive automation features, managing your payroll is quick and straightforward.

Gusto offers a single all-inclusive price, making it easy to work into your monthly budget. No hidden fees, ever. And as a Gusto partner, our firm can help administer your payroll seamlessly.

Gusto’s USA-based team consists of friendly payroll experts. Gusto’s customer satisfaction rating is the highest in the industry!

Don’t let it be! Your new hires can now enter all their info themselves online. Plus, they can download their paystubs and W-2s, even after they leave. Making off-boarding just that much easier. Automate onboarding your new employees and create less hassles off-boarding former employees.

As a Gusto partner, the pricing is “all-in-one.” This single, manageable price includes everything packaged together. There are no hidden fees, and you get unlimited payroll runs. Includes year-end W2s and 1099s. No extra fees for additional state or local returns.