401K / IRA

Is your business attracting talent?

90% of small businesses offer a 401K to their employees.

Payroll sync

We partner with top payroll providers to simplify 401(k) setup and ongoing management.

Onboarding employees

We’ll onboard your employees and help them set contribution rates, make investment choices, and more.

Investment management

We offer 40+ index funds from Vanguard and other low-cost providers, along with managed portfolios.

Creating a retirement Americans can look forward to.

We do the heavy lifting

Guideline makes 401(k) plans easy by integrating with payroll, onboarding employees, and handling plan administration and compliance.

Smart investments

Choose from over 40 mutual funds from Vanguard and other low-cost providers. Or we’ll help each employee pick a portfolio that fits their goals.

Everyone gets to save

We’ve built everything into one platform, so there’s a low monthly fee for employers, no portfolio fees for employees, and no surprises.


A team of honest, friendly, hard-working people

We’re entrepreneurs, investment pros, and technologists who are building better ways to plan for the future, and we’re excited to work with you to make it happen.

Affordable, transparent monthly pricing

Now it’s even easier to offer a 401(k). Guideline makes pricing simple and transparent — and our clients save an average of 50% on 401(k) fees.

Citation: Based on industry average bundled investment, recordkeeping and trustee fees of 1.85% for plans with 10 participants and $500,000 in assets. Source: 401(k) Averages Book, 17th Edition.

Simply integrated

Guideline’s two-way API Integrations mean that all employers have to do is keep payroll up to date, run payroll, and the 401(k) takes care of itself.

How much can you save with a Guideline 401(k)?

The potential impact of fees on retirement savings

Based on annual contributions of $5,750 over a 40 year career, with a 7.6% annual return.

Why fees matter in your 401(k)

All investments have fees, no matter where you invest. You won’t find any financial institutions who will work for free, but some will charge more than others.

Simple logic demonstrates that, if more money is taken out of your account for fees, you’ll have to make up for it in returns (which aren’t guaranteed).

When everything else is equal, higher fees can have a huge impact as they compound over time.

Affordable pricing

Guideline does not charge AUM (Assets Under Management) or commission based fees to participants.

Guideline does not charge employees any fees on investments. Participants are charged investment fees directly by the funds in our portfolios.

Our managed portfolios have a blended average fund expense ratio of 0.06%

Guideline's blended average annual fund fees for managed portfolios*

Average fees that 401(k) providers charge**

* Represents the blended average AUM fees for the funds in Guideline’s managed portfolios. Visit my.guideline.com/agreements/fees for a full list of plan sponsor and participant fees. ** The average assets under management (AUM) fees of 401(k) plans with $1 million to $10 million in assets is 1.14%, according to 2018 Brightscope/ICI study of 401(k) plan.