Selling Online

Wearing 50 hats selling stuff online?
Who has time for accounting - right..?

Are you selling product(s) online?

You probably started out in one room of the house selling $50K. Then expanded to the whole house selling $300K. Then expanded into a storage space selling $800K. And now you’ve maybe moved into a commercial space selling $1M+. Sound familiar..?


Either way, you are busy and the multiple hats you wear every day...sourcing product, receiving, prepping, shipping, FBA, drop-ship, inputting datascheduling, returns, sales tax compliance, hiring help, preparing for the holiday rush, income taxes, payroll...who has time to worry about accounting, right?

Whether you are at the initial stages of selling online out of one room, or moved up to renting out commercial space - or anywhere in between - the key to growth is implementing the right technologies to properly manage all of the pieces of your business so you are not burning the midnight oil for months during busy season finding yourself overworked...and paying 30%+ to Amazon FBA to store and ship this for you.

We help all online sellers. And we know you did not start a business to be an ecommerce accountant. There are the basic accounting functions like reconciling, cleaning up financials, bill pay, and sales tax. Then there is payroll, inventory management, managing product profitability, constantly determining which sales channel is most profitable. And lets not forget about the whole Wayfair and Nexus issues with making sure you’re collecting and remitting sales taxes properly.

I know...exhausting!

Our CPA team approach can help navigate your growing online selling business and help you achieve your goals


As Marcus Lemonis, from CNBC’s THE PROFIT always says, every business boils down to people, processes, and profits. In the Online Selling space, the process is the biggest hurdle and making sure the technology being adopted is best-practices for your business.

We specialize in ecommerce, and use a lot of technology ourselves.

Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Stripe, AmazonPay, ShopifyPay, Kickstarter, PayPal, Square, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Jet.com, and bringing them together with your accounting software.

Our focus is the operational accounting necessary to run your business. Whether it is the basics or the complex to get you the answers you don’t have, we can help you. Learn more about our ecommerce services here.

Amazon is notorious for banning sellers from listing products. Maybe you got one bad review that wasn’t justified. Or there was a weird shipping mishap. Whatever the case, it is a real fear and you need to know how you can best protect your products online - especially if you are building your own product brand online.

Most brands online are living and dying by the listings and feedback on Amazon. You do everything to get someone to click “Buy Now” and get that golden feedback you so crave to grow your listing. And while you do all of that, you’re trying to stop the competitors from taking your feedback, listings and pricing.

Sure, you can tell if you made a profit on a sell. But is that enough to reinvest into more product on top of the overhead, taxes and savings you’re looking to grow..?

  • Acccounting | Bookkeeping
  • Cloud inventory management
  • Sales Tax analysis, tracking and filing
  • Controller services for complex accounting integrations
  • Income Tax Strategies so you pay as little as legally possible.