What is the Difference between a Virtual Controller and a Fractional CFO?

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Virtual controller or fractional CFO? Not sure what your business really needs? Don’t sweat it.

Your business might not need a full-time financial guru clocking 40 hours a week in the year 2024. Plus, figuring out how to manage and train this role yourself? Sound fun yet?

But you still need specialized financial wisdom, right? Here’s where it gets exciting.

Meet Insogna CPA. Your virtual controller and fractional CFO team – unconventional problem solvers that pack a punch without emptying your pockets.

Virtual Controller

Think intricate financial maneuvers, cash flow forecasting, custom financial statements, and regular reporting. A controller’s role is tackling daily and monthly financial tasks, leaving no stone unturned.

  • 💡 Beyond just a bookkeeper: Your virtual controller can handle the large-scale accounting tasks that overwhelm small business bookkeepers.
  • 💡 Strategy Dashboards: Get real-time financial insights and uncover your key performance indicators (KPIs) for smoother sailing.

Fractional CFO

Future-forward and strategic, a fractional CFO’s your crystal ball. They map out growth, trim tax burdens, and show you the yellow brick road to financial success.

  • ✅ Plan: Dive into accruals, budgets, and revenue projections for a bulletproof roadmap.
  • ✅ Predict: Set sail with KPIs, growth strategies, and the power to forecast your business’s future trajectory.
  • ✅ Measure: Cash flows, risks, opportunities – your CFO dissects it all, keeping you on course.
  • ✅ Achieve: Whether you’re building an empire or cashing out, your CFO’s got your back with leadership advice, venture wisdom, and merger support.

What Does Your Business Need?

How do you know if you’re in the virtual controller or fractional CFO ballpark? Here are the signs:

  • ❗You spend several hours each week preparing financial reports 
  • ❗You need accurate, timely financial information.
  • ❗Your company is experiencing rapid growth.
  • ❗Growth has stagnated, but you are not sure why  or what to do
  • ❗Your company is considering going public or entering into a merger
  • ❗You are unclear about your tax liability.

If you’re looking for help with day-to-day financial operations, a virtual controller can fill your need.

Alternatively, a fractional CFO can lead your business through managed growth toward the long-term goals you’ve set, providing expert financial advice and strategic planning.

Your Business Accounting

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