Licensed CPA Accountant vs. Unlicensed Tax Preparer


Did you know: Anyone with a high school diploma can pay the IRS a small fee and become a “tax expert” filing your income taxes. Are you certain you want to leave your most intimate financial details to someone who has no recourse. You may pay more for a licensed CPA accountant firm, but ‘you get what you pay for’. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences:
licensed cpa accountant

✅ Bachelor’s degree in accounting, plus 150 hours of college hours.

✅ On-the-job experience, signed off by another licensed CPA.

✅ Rigorous CPA exam, expanding 4 parts from financial to legal and tax.

✅ Required understanding of tax codes when preparing tax returns.

✅ Legally represent you before the IRS when issues arise.

✅ State Board recourse if you are not getting communication timely.

✅ Committed to ongoing professional development and ethical conduct.

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❌ No formal education.

❌ No experience required to prepare taxes.

❌ No requirement of continuing education to keep up with changing tax laws

❌ Cannot represent you before the IRS.

❌ No ethical or professional oversight.

Investing in a Licensed CPA accountant is Investing in Your Success

Think of a CPA as your financial co-pilot, navigating the complexities of accounting, controller advisory, proactive tax strategies and annual tax preparation.

Engaging with a licensed CPA team of experts certifies your financial life is in great hands. Don’t wait until March to figure out what you should have tax planned for last year.

Contact our team today to get a top-ranked CPA on your team.

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