Business Owners: 5 Reasons Why a Licensed CPA is Your Secret Weapon

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Running your own business is a lot. You’re the boss, calling the shots and chasing your dreams. But let’s face it, wearing all the hats can leave your finances feeling a little…exposed.

That’s where a licensed CPA steps in as your secret weapon. The team at Insogna CPA are not just number crunchers; we are your financial strategists safeguarding your data, navigate complex tax savings, and communicating proactive business decisions in real-time. 

Here’s why a licensed CPA should be on your speed dial:

1. Protect Your Finances

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Data security is paramount. Unlike unlicensed bookkeepers, licensed CPAs are bound by strict state board rules to protect your sensitive information. We utilize a 3rd-party security company helping us with top-tier security measures like encrypted file transfer and secure password management to keep all data as safe as possible.

2. Hacking the System (Legally)

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Cybersecurity threats are real. Licensed CPAs invest in robust computer security systems like VPNs and firewalls to shield your data from hackers. Don’t risk your business to someone whose security is non-existent.

3. Confidentiality You Can Count On

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Unlike unlicensed bookkeepers, licensed CPAs are legally bound to confidentiality. Your financial information stays confidential, just like a attorney-client relationship.

4. Don't Get Stuck Holding the Bag

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Mistakes happen, but with a licensed CPA, you have recourse. Should anything go wrong, the State Board of Accountancy provides a clear path for resolution. Unlicensed bookkeepers and tax preparers? There’s no one to hold accountable if things go south and you need information.

5. Accountability is Key

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Licensed CPAs are held to rigorous standards by professional organizations. This translates into peace of mind knowing your financial work is completed with accuracy and integrity.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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